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Safer workdays with our easy-to-use digital library of interactive safety content.
Engage your workforce resulting in fewer accidents, risks and costs.

We are committed to enhancing safety awareness and engagement to minimise risks and reduce work-related injuries.


Work-related injuries 2021-22 Bureau of Statistics


Workplace fatalities in blue collar roles.


Median compensation paid for male claims.


Weeks median time off for injury claims.

Mosafe easily integrates with your transport business, offering exceptional safety management

For Business Owners

For Managers & Safety Officers

For Drivers

For Business Owners

For Business Owners

Manage your team's safety with Mosafe, a system built to streamline your processes and adapt as your transport business expands.

Unlock hassle-free safety with a click. Welcome to Mosafe, where we turn complex safety protocols into easy, everyday actions.

The modern safety management system that unifies every aspect of your work, from individuals to teams to owners

Seamless part of your everyday work routine


Harness the power of automation to streamline the delivery of daily training and vehicle checks.

Ready-made safety training

Ready-Made Training

Our ready-made training is aligned with industry standards to ensure a hassle-free approach to safety education.

See and manage your documents all in one place

Document Management

Easily manage your safety documents in a secure, digital space.

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Is Mosafe compliant with safety regulations and standards?

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